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   ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Application Agent Website
  estacom.org web site is a specialized agency site for ESTA(Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application for entering USA.
  Travelers with the nationality of VWP(Visa Waiver Program) application to travel to USA should attain a advanced approval of travel through ESTA before entering USA to enter USA.
estacom.org web site is an agency site to receive the information of the applicant who wish to enter USA with the purpose of short term stay for sightseeing and business, and to make the application on behalf of the applicant.
When ESTA is applied, 3 results, approval, withhold, or denial, are issued, and in the case of an approval, make a note of the approval number or make a print out to present when entering USA, and in the case of withhold, approval and denial is finalized within 72 hours.
If denied, you should receive VISA from the US Embassy or consulate in the country.
However, if you were previously denied of VISA, you must receive VISA to enter USA.
When applying ESTA through estacom.org web site, the result can be verified on our web site.
Also, the result of the application will be e-mailed to your e-mail registered when applied.
estacom.org web site is a specialized agency for ESTA application, and is not related to the US government or embassy, so please keep this in mind when making the application.

If you have any questions, please contact via email.

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ESTA Application
Apply only if you fall within the ESTA application qualifications.
Submit ESTA application
Input applicant information required by US government for ESTA application.
Make payment for ESTA application agency fee
Pay the fee US$64(US$14 + Agency fee US$50) and the application is completed.
Verify application result
The application result can be verified on the web site or by

    ESTA application
Verify the qualifications of applicant
The applicant should fall within one of the following qualifications.
You are a citizen or eligible national of a Visa Waiver Program country.
You are currently not in possession of a visitor's visa.

Your travel is for 90 days or less.
You plan to travel to the United States for business or pleasure.
    Verifying ESTA application result
If you want to verify the result of ESTA application, please input the following informations.
+ Passport number
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